Power your business with fast and reliable business internet

Business Internet is a Internet connection intended for businesses. It comes with faster download and upload speeds and provide more functionality. With Business Internet from Synected you are assured with a fast and reliable internet connection.

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Great for working in the cloud

Regardless of how you are using the cloud, it will have an impact on your Internet connection. A reliable internet connection is therefore required when working in the cloud.

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Fast upload and download speeds

Having the right bandwidth and speed enable your employees to work projects with deadlines fast, connect with customers and/or suppliers, engage with potential clients, and a lot more.

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High uptime and low latency

When your internet connection unexpectedly fail, IT downtime can have a direct impact on your business operations. Unplanned outages can also cause data and monetary losses.

Get the performance you deserve

Good Internet services are essential for your business to deliver network flexibility, SaaS applications, and cloud connectivity. Businesses demand high-quality internet connectivity to ensure access to cloud applications.

What we can deliver

We provide reliable Business Internet connections to virtually any address in The Netherlands. We can provide you with a wide range of internet solutions for fiber optic and copper. A quick availability check will show you the available connections at your office address.


Information is sent through the fiber optic using laser light. It is powerful and above all very fast. The decreased speed is always guaranteed. The speed of a fiber optic connection is symmetrical, in other words download and upload equally fast.


VDSL is the improved successor to ADSL and is delivered over the copper network. The speed of a business VDSL connection depends on the quality of the copper. The speed is asymmetric, in other words download higher than upload.


Find your answer to the most asked questions about Business Internet.

Business Internet is available throughout the Netherlands. Each location has its own specific options and associated rates. Business Internet can be installed on most business parks at very favorable rates. In all cases it is necessary to perform a zip code check to determine the options.

In many cases, your property already has a fiber optic connection, because it was installed on behalf of the previous owner. Despite the presence of fibres, equipment or a connection, this cannot be used in all cases for a new connection.

The fiber optic connection is delivered in-house in the form of a switch. The fiber optic access has a maximum capacity of 1 Gbit/s and has multiple Ethernet and optical ports available. This makes a fiber optic connection extremely suitable for stacking services on one physical access point.

When you use Business Fiber Optic, the step to Voice over IP is within reach. This is because you can 'stack' services so that you can also purchase telephony in addition to the Internet, without this affecting the quality of your Internet or voice connection. You do not need to request an extra line, as was necessary in many cases in the past.

As standard, fiber optic access is delivered with a capacity of 1 Gbit/s. You can add or upgrade services until no more free ports are available or the maximum capacity is reached. When the capacity is filled, but there is a need for more, it can be upgraded.