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What are the benefits?

Call Quality

Because VoIP uses your internet connection, it offers higher call quality when compared to alternatives. Communication in a VoIP system takes place through the transfer of data packs over the internet. So unlike PSTN telephony, VoIP services are less likely to get affected by signal fluctuations and network disturbances.

Low Cost

Hosted VoIP is a alternative to the traditional telephone system. As the name suggests, VoIP uses your internet/broadband connection to make and receive your telephone calls. This can dramatically reduce your businesses running costs by eliminating the need for lots of individual telephone lines.


An advantage to VoIP is its scalability. Because VoIP telephone systems use the internet for calls, adding new users is easy. You don't need to provision new lines, you can just add phones and licences if required. The advantage of this being that VoIP can scale to meet you current and future requirements.


Advantage of VoIP is that it is incredibly flexible. VoIP can be manipulated around your businesses exact requirements - tailored to you. This flexibility means that it is easy to build a VoIP telephone system that meets your businesses telephony needs. The only limit is your bandwidth - meaning that you can theoretically add thousands of users.


Call Queues

Queues offers organizations a great way to manage incoming calls during peak periods of high call volume. It places incoming calls in a line while your agents take other calls. Queued calls are then distributed to the next available agent or user in the order they were received.

Time Conditions

With Time Conditions you can set your opening hours so that when your organization is closed your calls go directly to your voicemail, or to another destination. You are able to set different times for each day so that if you have an early day closing or close over the weekend your phones can match your working day.

Ring Groups

A Ring Group offers the possibility to distribute received calls among several members. Group members are not restricted to internal extensions, external phone numbers such as employee mobile phones or an external office can also be members of a group and thus receive calls on the group.

Interactive Voice Response

An IVR is an efficient way of routing calls to their appropriate recipient. The IVR can prompt customers through a series of menus and options that will lead them to the right department. That way, when they finally do speak to a human voice, it's someone who is equipped to handle their concerns.

Music on Hold

Use Music on Hold to reassure callers that they are still connected to their calls. You can easily add your own music or sound files to enhance your corporate image and leave the customer with a good impression of your organization.

Conference Rooms

With Conference Rooms you are able to create a meeting room whereby users can call in and talk to one another. Businesses use conference calls daily to meet with remote parties, both internally and outside of their company.


Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP is an alternative to your own private VoIP server. Hosted VoIP offers the same functionality for a lower price than a private VoIP server.

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX is a complete phone system solution available in the cloud and provides secure, reliable and stable phone service for your business.

SIP Trunk

SIP Trunks provision VoIP connectivity between an on-premise phone system and the public switched telephone network, also known as PSTN.