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Every company deserves a reliable and secure IT environment

We believe that every company, large or small, deserves a reliable and secure IT environment. Because many solutions entail high investment costs or require a minimum purchase, not all solutions are accessible to everyone. That is why we have put together unique packages, using the leading products on today's market, especially for companies up to about 50 employees.

Although today's technology works almost flawlessly, it can sometimes happen that you run into something or you are faced with a question. Here our Enterprise Service Desk, which is included as standard in all Unified packages, offers a solution to let you work free of any care. And because we make backups of everything, we can also retrieve that particular file you accidentally deleted.

Compatible with all your devices

No high investments to purchase new supported devices, but simply use your current device. We support both Windows and Mac OS.

Comply with latest security standards

Basic rules that the organization is supposed to obey in order to maintain compliance with any of the cybersecurity standards.

Protect your data with hourly backup

Remain in control of your organization's data and ensure that it stays available and protected at all the time.

Especially for companies up to about 50 employees

With Unified, your company doesn't have to be big to be able to make use of the leading products on today's market.

A unique total package, without unexpected costs

We don't believe in fine print and hidden costs, we like clarity and knowing what to expect. That's why we have developed a package where everything is included, even the storage for your backups. No unexpected costs, that's our promise.

Unified Basic Unified Standard Unified Advanced
Enterprise Service Desk
Support from our Enterprise Service Desk on working days
Managed Workspace
Always assured of an optimally working and safe workplace
- -
Microsoft Teams
Meet, chat, call, and collaborate in just one place
Exchange Online
Keep your business email safe in the cloud
SharePoint Online
Share content, knowledge, and applications
Microsoft Office Web-apps
Web versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote
Microsoft Office Desktop-apps
Fully installed and always up-to-date version of Microsoft Office
Multi Factor Authentication
Add a layer of protection to the sign-in process
Conditional Access
Restricts access to resources based on specific conditions
- -
Advanced Threat Protection
Help employees securely access business apps
- -
E-mail Security
Protect your people and critical data from advanced email threats
E-mail Data Loss Prevention
Block data loss and comply with regulatory policies
E-mail Encryption
Securing emails that contain sensitive data
- -
Endpoint Protection
Real-time endpoint protection, detection and response
Endpoint Firewall
Block unauthorized network traffic flowing into or out of devices
Backup & Restore
Eliminate the risk of losing access and control over your data
Price per User/Month
€ 39,99 € 59,99 € 79,99
Price per User/Year
€ 399,90 € 599,90 € 799,90
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Unique packages

With the security you deserve

A foundation consisting of 7 employees approached us having the request to purchase Microsoft 365 licenses, including support and management. Security was of great importance here, since the foundation has access and processes client/patient data. The most suitable solution was not accessible to them. In collaboration with our partners, we have been able to come up with a solution that now forms the basis for our Unified packages.