Meet, chat, call, and collaborate in just one place

With Microsoft Teams

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Stay connected, anytime, anywhere

While on the move, we need to stay connected, be reachable and have access to all your resources. With Microsoft Teams phone app, you have immediate access to all your apps and documents. You can easily respond to chat and conversations, join meetings with one click and continue to collaborate.

Meet from anywhere

Schedule online meetings with high quality audio and video. People inside and outside of your company can join from anywhere.

Keep everything in one place

Chats and files shared before, during, and after a meeting are always available. These can therefore be consulted at any time.

Work with confidence

Collaborate without worry knowing your sensitive information is protected with data encryption at rest and in transit.

Take your documents on the road with you

When you are going out of town on a business trip, you need to have access to all of your files and stay connected with what is going on in the office. The Teams app gives you immediate access to all of your documents and you can join meetings and participate in conversations with a single click. This way you are always kept in the loop about what is going on where you are.

On-the-go communication

Microsoft Teams is certainly the right tool for your business if you wish to support remote work. Teams allows you to keep in touch with everyone literally on the go. You can download a mobile app and have meetings, chat as well as make posts in channel through your phone. Your team will no longer need to use third-party messaging apps since having conversations in Teams is as easy as sending a message in WhatsApp. This will greatly reduce the risks linked to the use of shadow IT in your organization.

Everything you need put together

Microsoft Teams serves as a platform that puts together all other communication and collaboration tools. Whether you need to chat with your colleague or the whole staff across the organization, have a meeting with a client, work on documents in real-time with your peers, plan tasks for you and your team or use third-party apps - you can do it all right in Teams.

Reasons to use video conferencing

Improves communication

A report by Forbes tells us that humans process visual information far faster and more aptly than text or audio. And, relative to audio conferencing, 62% of executives agree that video conferencing significantly improves the quality of communication. In addition, 50% of those surveyed believe video conferencing also improves the degree of understanding. Whether you're a small business owner or part of a large company, clear communication is critical to understanding projects, setting expectations, and meeting your goals, which makes video conferencing a win, no matter how you look at it.

Helps build relationships

When you meet face-to-face, you can make a personal connection, pick up on verbal and non-verbal cues and begin to build trust. And while there may be critical connections that you'll need to travel for, video conferencing can help bridge the gap for all other meetings, while still helping you connect on a personal level. For the skeptics among us, research shows that video conferencing is widely regarded as a helpful tool. In one study, 98 percent of respondents indicated that the technology has helped them build relationships inside and outside their companies.

Saves money

By giving your team a simple way to meet face-to-face, video conferencing delivers a collaborative, in-person experience without the expense of travel. Not only that but with the power to meet virtually, you can hire the best talent and allow them to work anywhere. And once you get comfortable with the technology, it may even inspire you to expand your remote workforce, so you can hire the best talent no matter where they live.

Saves time

Because you can meet virtually anywhere, video conferencing allows you to save travel time. But it can also help you save time in other ways. By hosting a meeting rather than working through an issue via email, it can eliminate the disruption of a barrage of messages, reduce confusion (and the need for lengthy discussions), and get your team on the same page faster. One survey even showed that 89 percent of respondents believed video conferencing helped reduce the amount of time taken to complete projects or tasks.